// Criptoro, fintech/tecnológica multiservicios y multiproductos.



Criptoro is a Fintech multi-services and multi-products company of Spanish conception, with headquarters in Madrid. Criptoro was born with an international vocation, to be a reference in numerous fields such as training, financial health, new technologies or innovation, so important and necessary for the development of any society or country.

The management team of Criptoro, with Jesús V. Sánchez-Bermejo in charge as CEO, CMO, main partner and co-founder of the company, as well as with Fernando J. Arribas as CFO and co-founder, has created a serious, solid and well planned project that combines equally hope, very ambitious challenges and the expectation to fast-growing worldwide, without forgetting the significance of organic growth, with a solid and sustained foundation.

Criptoro has been designed looking for the best professionals in each area to as a team furnish the company with the most qualified crew according to the company dimensions. The project has generated expectation, and has already engage, in just 3 months since the constitution of the company, more than 35 expert partners in the following fields: training, economics, financial markets, cryptocurrencies, digital marketing and web design, SEO, computer engineering, blockchain, network marketing, social networks, data analysis, trading, sales, e-learning, NLP, business coaching or journalism. Besides, thanks to the entry of several investors, who have placed their trust and finances in the company, several of the employees have been hired directly by the company.

Criptoro is born with a solid project. Our corporate defensive ditch and the conception of the company’s business model will not only allow us to compete against large companies in each field, but also to be allies. Criptoro is already a reality and every day that passes the value of the company increases. Its growth since its conception has been exponential, thanks to the team and a perfectly designed business plan, which allows us to have, today, a wide range of innovative high-quality services and products.


Criptoro is an integrating project, where everyone has a place and can have multiple advantages and benefits, which we will explain throughout this document, hence our main slogan is “I am Criptoro“.


In Criptoro, the client is the most important, and we are aware of their main problems and concerns, therefore we help you and guide you in everything you need:

  • Are you worried about your retirement? Do you want to make a profit of your savings? Our experts in economics, financial markets and crypto assets will train you and guide you so that you understand the basics of the markets and can have your own criteria and make profitable savings.
  • Do you want to invest and do not know where or how? Invest in the different products and services we offer as “affiliate marketing” of different companies, as well as in our token Criptoro Coin (CTRO), a cryptocurrency that will be unique, supported in part by a commodity, based on physical precious raw materials (Gold, silver, platinum and palladium) in part by Bitcoin (BTC), it will very soon compete with the best. Its designed to beat fiat money inflation.
  • Are you tired of your current job and want to achieve your financial independence? Train with the best experts in financial markets, macroeconomic data and trading. In addition, we have a career plan designed by experts in network marketing, through which you can work with Criptoro and grow with us.
  • Are you afraid of evolution and new technologies? Society is changing and evolving by huge leaps and the employment world as well. In our Business, Digital Innovation and Technology Institute (IEIC) we train you to also evolve and be prepared for the jobs of the future.
  • Is your company stuck or do you want to make a quality leap? In Criptoro we have the best experts, offering consulting services in tax consulting, digital marketing and design, technological solutions and software engineering or work team training, among others.

Do you want to save on commodities? With Criptoro you can do it through its Gold and Silver service, in order to physical acquire different precious raw materials.


This project, backed by a laborious planning and development work, has culminated in the materialization of a wide variety of innovative services and products with high quality standards, which are one of the mainstays of our Criptoro community.

In addition, these products and services provide a great practical utility to our cryptocurrency The Criptoro Coin (CTRO), described below, since the use of it to pay for Criptoro products and services will entail a discount program.

Below, a detailed description of each of the services and products offered by Criptoro:


Criptoro is creating and designing its own affiliate system so that everyone can collaborate with us and achieve earnings through such collaboration. Anyone can become an affiliate and thus start working with us. For more information on career plans, you can send us an email to the following address: info@criptoro.com

Criptoro will distribute to its partners, depending on the product and the profit margin that it has, up to 37% of the benefit of the sale of our own products existing in our Marketplace. All our affiliates will have up to 5% discount on all our own products and services. Holding a token, Criptoro Coin, has nothing to do with being an affiliate.

Besides, as a partner of Auvesta, you can also become an affiliate to promote our service of selling physical precious metals, gold, silver, platinum and palladium, with an additional career plan.


Our group of experts in financial and crypto assets will offer two subscriptions called “Lite” and “Genesis”:

  • In case of financial consulting, it will always be carried out by authorized persons.
  • Daily access to virtual classrooms, where they will give you their vision of the markets and teach you how to analyse them for yourself. Relevant information will be sent about markets in general and with emphasis on crypto assets, as well as different technical analyses, important macroeconomic news, etc.
  • Besides, as a change there will also be live information about crypto assets and about our Institute of Companies and Innovation, thus being a brand new and complete subscription package, live.

In Criptoro, as a partner of Auvesta, one of the largest suppliers of physical precious metals worldwide, we are agents specialized in buying, selling, changing and storing physical gold, silver, palladium and platinum.

With our online deposit, you can save, buy, sell and store physical precious metals with an accuracy that reaches up to the euro cent. Our flexible savings plans have no deadline, purchase obligation nor notice periods.

Why buy precious metals with Criptoro?

  • Economic purchase price: from the first euro you will buy bullion parts up to 15% cheaper, with a level of quality and purity audited and certified (LBMA).
  • Fast delivery: At any time, from 1-gram, guaranteed shipment with online tracking by security companies and custody of international precious raw materials. (There are currently agreements with the international companies Brinks, Loomis and Prosegur).
  • High resale price: sell online at any time, any of your precious metals stored at FIX value in London, the only market that regulates the price of LBMA raw materials.
  • 100% ownership: During storage you will be automatically assigned bullion with identification numbers, so you will be the rightful owner of them and / or the corresponding part of it.
  • Certified quality standard: bullion with minted numbers of manufacturers certified by LBMA.
  • 100% repurchase guarantee for your precious metals stored in the armoured safe.
  • Maximum security: your precious metals are guarded in high security armoured safes, certified and by the LBMA (The Global Authority for Precious Metals).
  • External audit: regular controls by an independent auditor, currently it will be Muller who will oversee in name of the German Ministry of Finance. An inventory list is published online every day.
  • Tax advantages: in case of storage, the purchase of gold, silver, platinum and palladium is exempt from value added tax (VAT).

All custody of precious metal will be carried out by security companies and will take place in armoured safes bimonthly audited.

Brinks, is the specialist in security services and transport of values, being one of the largest security companies in the world. It works in more than 50 countries and it is the company chosen for this purpose.

Loomis is the largest gold storage company in the world, and it is where the gold, that will be purchased with part of the income from the ICO, will be guarded as detailed in section 4.1.1 of this Whitepaper.


The Criptoro Marketplace is an online platform to trade products and services. We will accept payment with legal tender money (FIAT), based on euros (EUR), US dollars (USD) and others, as well as through different cryptocurrencies.

In the future, when our token or cryptocurrency Criptoro Coin (CTRO) is issued, it will be the base currency of our Criptoro community, and payment by CTRO will have a direct discount on all our products and services up to 10% of its price, including the Marketplace. Initially the products and services that will be included in the Marketplace are:

  • The SIF service (Financial Information Subscriptions), explained previously (section 2.2).
  • All the training available in our Financial and Innovation Digital schools
    (section 2.7).
  • EAs Automatic robots for investment in the MetaTrader 4 platform
    (section 2.6).
  • PBF – Physical based products (textiles, accessories, home…) (section 2.4).
  • Financial Consulting: income Tax return, specialized in financial derivatives, raw materials and crypto assets (section 2.8).
  • Criptoro Editorial: A wide range of book titles can be accessed. Different themes (section 2.11).
  • Criptoro Aeronautical: Drones with cameras for civil and commercial, as well as for labor applications, such as farming and infrastructure, cinema, series, etc. (section 2.13).
  • Criptoro Multiexchange: Get the most out of crypto markets using Criptoro Multiexchange platform with the best tools to easily analyze market trends and place advanced orders such as Trailing Stop or Arbitration between your own exchange accounts.


For the management, sale and distribution of the PBF business (clothing, accessories, home decoration …), Criptoro has reached a partnership agreement with a company known for its international experience, which initially allows shipments to Europe and the United States and Based in numerous countries and two continents. There will be customized designs made by the digital marketing and design team of Criptoro being, in addition, an extraordinary vehicle for branding and merchandising helping the Criptoro brand to gain recognition worldwide.

Besides, Criptoro has already signed a partnership agreement with large companies, through its affiliate programs, so you can access their products with very out-standing conditions. At this time, we have already reached an agreement with entities such as eBay, and we will be announcing other agreements in the same line in the coming months.

Why should you buy from these large companies, with which we collaborate, as affiliates through Criptoro?


Our group of experts will make recommendations for certain products and services on our blog, such as, those based on new technologies, helping you decide and choose the best option.

If you have Criptoro Coin (CTRO), you are already part of Criptoro, and if the company gets more benefits, its value will increase. In addition, although it is not the main mission of the CTRO, this could increase its value as a result of its massive use. However, as the CTRO is not born with this objective, we recommend that this element not be taken into consideration when deciding to buy CTRO, since, as the value can rise, it can also decrease.

2.5 BLOG

Blogs (Criptoro Digital Blog) are the embryo of our future digital newspaper, where we will write and publish articles with relevant information about the business world, coaching, personal development and interest about cryptocurrencies, financial markets, precious metals and news of the Criptoro community. We have five blogs of different interests.


In Criptoro we have a team of collaborators/partners experts in automation of those trading strategies that can be automated. The services offered are:

  • Sale of EAs developed for MT4, 100% optimizable for Forex, raw materials and indices.
  • We train you to learn how to optimize and take advantage of any EA in the market and, also know how to manage your risk to the maximum, the most really important point to be profitable in the long term.
  • We help you optimize third-party EAs to make them profitable.
  • Software development to automate trading strategies, always in accordance with the exact specifications of the client, according to ESMA MIFifD II.

Our online training school has the following institutes:


In this vertical, our school offers a large battery of training focused on different topics related to the world of investment.

Some examples:

  • Technical analysis of financial markets (indexes, stocks, Forex, options, CFDs, etc.).
  • Analysis of macroeconomic data focused on investment.
  • EA optimization for Automatic investment.
  • Concrete trading strategies.
  • Risk management and psychotrading.
  • Technical analysis with oriental techniques (Japanese candle, Ichimoku, Heiken Ashi).

Institute created to reveal the technology and economy of the future, will have training in all aspects related to the following two branches:

  • Cryptocurrencies and digital assets: you will learn what they are, how and why to use them, what are their advantages, types of cryptocurrencies, different ways and strategies to invest in them, etc. In addition, various training will be available on all aspects related to wallets, exchanges, crypto security, airdrops and earndrops.
  • Blockchain: we will review the functional aspect as well as the technical aspect of this new technology that is revolutionizing the world, in which security and the lack of regulatory authorities with their own interests are their main asset.

This section has a very diverse and innovative focus, where our main mission is to help all people and companies to project successfully towards future jobs of the 22nd century.

There will be training available on team building, leadership, emotional intelligence, personal development, business coaching, conflict management, new technologies, e-learning, digital marketing, software development …


The Financial School and Digital Innovation has created a specific topic on precious metals, to give them the importance they deserve. The CEO of Criptoro, Jesús V. Sánchez-Bermejo, expert in financial derivatives, crypto assets and commodities, together with our precious metal expert Jaime Martínez-Burgos, will be responsible for this training.

We will talk about gold, silver, palladium and platinum; its commercial and industrial uses and, also, on its future evolution at a technical level, which will contribute a differential plus to those interested in precious metals, as well as their investment or savings in them.

We will teach you, from the basics, how they work and what they are used for, how to invest in them and what we can expect in the coming years. It will be aimed at short-term investors, as well as people who use passive management and want to add precious metals, as a defensive ditch, to their Wallets, against possible drops of equity markets and fixed income.


One of the mainstays of our business strategy is the consulting service for companies and freelancers, specialized in the following areas:


Service led by Fernando J. Arribas, CFO and co-founder of Criptoro, together with his team, experts in:

  • Tax return and assets.
  • Tax return for non-residents.
  • Freelance consulting.
  • Tax return for financial derivatives, digital assets and precious metals.
  • Tax return of assets abroad.

Our team of the software engineering department, led by our CTO Juan Gómez, together with the technology consultancy company Condato, with which Criptoro has already reached a strategic partnership agreement, offers the following services:

  • Custom software
  • Optimization of your company’s business processes, looking for innovative solutions and ideas with new technologies.
  • Cloud Services, we are experts in the latest Cloud technologies, specialized in the design, development and deployment of Serverless architectures with AWS, which allow scale according to the needs with very tight costs, pay-per-use.
  • Specialists in web applications development and mobile apps.

Our team of the digital marketing and web design department, together with the digital marketing and design company Agencia Portal 14, with which Criptoro has already reached a partnership agreement, offers the following services:

  • Web design.
  • SEO- SEM positioning.
  • Corporate design, we take care of enhancing your brand image and identity. Leave in our hands your logos, business cards, flyers, diptychs, triptychs, packaging, brochures, catalogues, advertising elements, corporate videos, prints, etc.
  • Sport Marketing.
  • Advertising campaigns: have greater visibility and thus increase your income.

This service, headed by Pedro Quintana, director of the Institute of Business and Innovation (IEIC) and expert in training of work teams and network marketing, arises to fill the detected need of those companies who were born with a clear vocation of survival and constant progress, to help them project themselves successfully in the fulfilment of their mission.

We take care of training groups, to achieve a collaborative and effective team work, always having as main objective the profitability in all actions, through the implementation of tools and methodologies that allow to optimize the work of each person individually, and the work of the team as a whole, guaranteeing results.


Criptoro offers specialized services in the legal advice of technological start-ups, Fintech, data protection under the new GDPR, technological and corporate law, both national and international. We are also specialists in civil law, which regulates the civil status of people, family relationships, property and other real rights, obligations and contracts, and inheritance.


Experts in clinical cognitive behavioral psychology, via video call or virtual meeting. All the psychologists of the team have belonged to the business field. We characterize ourselves because we combine the personal and professional part, this fact makes the rapprochement between the two areas, personal and professional, more appropriate and relevant in relation to the solution and the professional’s situation.


Criptoro also offers consulting and Outsourcing 360, with specialization in small and medium businesses. Another differential feature is that you work with an ad hoc model because we think that each company is unique and different. Some of the services offered are:

  • Communication: design and development of the media plan, TV campaigns, radio, press, digital, billboards, campaign preparation, design, media purchase, measurement and analysis of results.
  • Technical translation: translations of packaging, products, technical reviews, labels, brochures, etc. In many languages; As an example, in addition to the usual English, French, German, Italian, we have Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish or Arabic …
  • Corporate social responsibility: we help you obtain accreditation as a socially responsible company. Follow-up of “sustainable development” objectives, 2030 UN Agenda. Use as a differentiating element of marketing and communication.
  • Data protection: analysis, advice, maintenance and compliance with regulations.
  • Finance: financial management, control strategy and cost adjustments.
  • Internationalization: study and viability, administrative processes, definition and implementation of the Project.
  • Subsidies: search and execution. R&D, innovation, internalization.

We have reached an agreement to collaborate with Coinbase Ecommerce, Bitpay y de Strype, as a worldwide electronic payment method.

We make available to our customers the possibility to pay with fiduciary legal tender such as euros (EUR) or dollars (USD) and also with cryptocurrency from the first day (Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), USD Coin (USDC) y Litecoin (LTC), to name some of them.


If you have any ideas related to any of the following areas: finance, new technologies, innovation, training, investment; you think that it has potential, and you need help to carry it out, get in touch with Criptoro and our team of experts will analyse it. If it is accepted, we will help you and guide you to carry it out.


Do you want to edit your book? Criptoro Editorial was created to give the opportunity to those who want to edit a book to be seen, to spread knowledge to those who want to be well informed. Through Marketplace of Criptoro we will allow the purchase of any kind of book within legal measure, with fiat money (euro and USD), with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.) and in the near future with our own Criptoro Coin (CTRO) with which you will benefit up to 10 % discount.


Criptoro has reached an agreement for the sale through the Marketplace of thousands of books of different themes. They will be in 12 languages ​​from 20 different publishers that can be acquired with legal tender and with cryptocurrencies, being the first company in the world that allows this.


We have created an AR department where we will offer, under the brand of Criptoro, different applications, such as games, services and products, in augmented reality. Criptoro is the same as in other services or products, it will be possible to pay with legal tender and with cryptocurrencies.


This department offers the possibility of getting a flight license as a drone pilot.

The license is stamped by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Spain, and allows professionally training for flights with drones specialized in farming and infrastructure. It can also be used for movies and television series.


The creation of this service is embraced in Criptoro’s blockchain mentality. We will have available to our clients, a HUB platform, where to focus many of the current cryptocurrency Exchanges. Clients will be able from their own accounts to do manual changes and launch simple or advanced orders in any of the cryptocurrency exchanges, which will connect via API to our central platform so that all of them can be linked. The service will be available from the very first day, in Spanish and English and in the future will be added to other languages. Likewise, work is underway to incorporate more Exchanges and also, so that among their own accounts, any user can have their own automatic changes.

The Exchanges with which you will be able to interact through the Criptoro HUB Exchange are the following: at first, Binance, Bittex, Bitfinex, Poloniex, HITBTC.

This service, like any other Criptoro product or service, can be paid with any fiat currency and also, with dozens of crypto assets, including Bitcoin. In the future, it may also be paid through Criptoro Coin (CTRO), as base currency, of the entire “Criptoro Universe”.


Criptoro has reached an agreement with the futsal team “Inter Fútbol Sala”, known for sponsorship reasons as Movistar Inter. We want to be a sponsor of the club, as well as technological Partners, becoming the first company to develop the OFFICIAL APP of the Inter Movistar Fútbol Sala club and upgrade it technologically.

Futsal fans will be able to enjoy an APP with many functions, such as:

  • The APP will be connected to a news platform.
  • Underwritings to be able to see exclusive content.
  • The football games will be available on the app, in streaming.
  • A partner sections. If you are a member and you register your email, it will recognize this email by linking it to the partner file, showing you information such as, antiquity, seat, location in the pavilion).
  • A private section with discounts for all the apps users.
  • Communication system with the app´s users, by pushing texting, territorial messages.
  • Plain text sections, such as track records and club history.
  • Template section. In this section we will talk about the club, with the list of players and all the updated squad´s information, as well as statistical data.
  • Calendar and classification section.

And so much more that will make the futsal´s fans of the so-called “Best Club in the World”, can have an APP that meets their standards.


In order to buy the best tickets for football, futsal, basketball, handball, concerts and other shows, our #DeFi ticket system allows you to pay with any type of fiat currency, and also with Bitcoin, and dozens from other cryptocurrencies, including the Criptoro Coin (CTRO).  It will include APP for Android and Apple.


Revolutionary line of products that, for example, will allow users on the platform to send encrypted messages between them through the Bitcoin blockchain. It can also be used to communicate any other type of sensitive information, destined for a single interlocutor, in a private way.

Seeds of a wallet or where to find the keys to a safe, avoiding this way of loss of assets due to the unforeseen death of the individual. But there is much more, in the successive months Criptoro will offer the possibility of having joint accounts in cryptocurrencies with multi-signature, formalization of inheritances without a notary through a bitcoin Script Contract, make recurring payments such as direct debits or occasional payments to the family and friends using the cryptos in your wallet as currency. For all these services, the main currency will be Criptoro Coin, along with Bitcoin.


Millions of files are shared daily around the world, in which the privacy of their content is compromised by the technological giants that dominate the market. Criptoro Transfer offers a definitive solution to this problem, since it allows its users to transmit encrypted data in a secure and decentralized way, using the XDAI blockchain, which also reduces costs.

Thanks to the interplanetary file system (IPFS), the files are not shared through a single central server, but are encoded in parts in hashes that are distributed in thousands of devices and, only the owner of the private key can recover them and decrypt them.

Criptoro Transfer makes it possible to send encrypted and secure files, with acknowledgment of receipt and is even capable of verifying the original ownership of a file, thus eliminating the risk of plagiarism or identity theft. The properties of this technology even allow us to send and pay invoices encrypted with cryptocurrencies, among which Criptoro Coin is the protagonist.


In Criptoro, we consider our team as the engine of the project and it is according of its professionalism and unconditional implication that, in such a short period of time since our constitution, we have grown exponentially and sustainably.

The Criptoro team is already formed today, by more than 35 partners and direct employees, and this number continues to grow quickly, but sustained and planned according to the needs of the company, combining the best professionals in each area and equipping the company with a team that has the best qualifications.

It is necessary to emphasize the international vocation that the project has, already counting, today in its initial stage, with partners from 3 continents and more than 7 different countries.

Why is our team so involved with the project and the community that supports it is so strong?

  • We have a cooperative work method where absolutely everyone is important, allowing everyone the freedom to develop their full potential and creativity for the benefit of common productivity.
  • The partners have signed a partnership agreement with the company that gives them the following advantages and benefits:
  • They will receive 7% of the total tokens for sale (450 million) of Criptoro (CTRO), distributed according to the degree of collaboration of each one.
  • Annually they will have a productivity bonus based on the company’s benefit.
  • They will obtain 7% of the shares for sale, from the company’s future IPO, distributed according to the degree of collaboration of each one.
  • They will have up to 20% discount on all services and products of Criptoro, offered on the website criptoro.com
  • In addition, as we have previously mentioned, according to the needs of the company, they will be hired as employees of Criptoro, without losing all the previous benefits.

Jesús V. Sánchez-Bermejo (CEO, CMO & Co-Founder)
Fernando J Arribas (CFO & Co-Founder)

Juan Gómez (COO)
Jaime Martínez-Burgos (CEO Assistant)

Fernando J Arribas (Financial Manager)
Ignacio R. (Finantial Deputy Manager)

Ricardo Medeiro (Commerce & Banking Expert)

Ally Banner (KYC & AML Manager)
Natalia Arribas (KYC & AML Team)

Pablo González del Corral (Digital Marketing & Design Manager)
Rafael Valdés (Chief Product Officer)
Macarena Guimoye Frías (Digital Marketing & Design Expert)
Pablo González Carbajal (Digital Marketing & Design Team)

Juan Gómez (CIO & CTO)
Javier Rodríguez Torrado (Engineering and Architecture Manager)
Daniel Benítez (Full Stack Development)

Pedro Quintana (Affiliate Manager)

Manuel González Del Corral (Social Media and Community Manager)
Christofer Fellenius (Social Media Supervisor & Telegram Manager)
Alberto Lorca (Senior Business Development)
Alberto Carot (CCO China/Asia)
Azucena Fraile Muñoz (Social Media Team)

Virginia Mijes (Blockchain Manager)
Juan Navas (Blockchain Supervisor)

Jesús V. Sánchez-Bermejo (TA & FA Expert)
Jesús S. (IFC Intraday & Swing Trading Expert)
Chimo García del Castillo (IFC Intraday Expert)

Jesús V. Sánchez-Bermejo (IFDC Expert)
Oscar Melgar (IFDC director)
Efrén Arroyo Franco (IFDC Deputy Manager)
Jesús Fernández (IFDC Supervisor)
Pablo Gómez Ovejero (IFDC Expert)
Javier Fernández (IFDC Expert)
Vicent A. (IFDC Expert)
Carlos T. (IFDC Expert)

Pedro Quintana (IEIC Director & Sales/Network Marketing Expert)
Azucena Fraile Muñoz (IEIC Team & Personal growth Expert)
Isidro Muñoz (IEIC Team & Business and Innovation Expert)
Josefina Sánchez Nasarre (IEIC Team & Heritage Assets Expert)
Alejandro Campoy (IEIC Team & Corporate Communication Expert)
Carmen Morando Llerandi (Coaching Sistémico o de grupos Expert)
Mar González Arche (IEIC Team)
Juan Carlos Álvarez Campillo (Coaching IEIC Team)

Jesús V. Sánchez-Bermejo (IOPC Director)
Jaime Martínez-Burgos (Criptoro Gold and Silver Manager)
Chimo García del Castillo (Criptoro Gold and Silver Expert)

Efrén Arroyo Franco (Criptoro Digital Blog Manager)

Walter D. (TV & Media Manager)

David Romero (MarketPlace Team)

Josefina Sánchez Nasarre (institutional relations & Events)

Antonio Fernández

Jesús Fernández


After an exhaustive analysis of our cryptocurrency team experts, we have concluded that, in this difficult world where there is fierce competition, the two main points for a cryptocurrency to succeed are: the community that supports it and the usability it offers.

Criptoro not only meets these two aspects in detail, but has been conceived with an innovation fund never seen before, and that will make it one of the main cryptocurrencies of the market in short term, and from its collection, the company itself will be partially backed by physical precious metals (gold, silver, palladium and platinum) and in Bitcoin.

  • Our company is not born due to the creation of the token, but it is our token that is developed as a result of the company, that means, Criptoro already has a wide range of services and products, independent of the cryptocurrency and with strategic plans for medium and long term already raised and set out.
  • Community: CTRO is born backed by a wide range of partners that collaborate with Criptoro and by its staff, besides our consumers of products and services, students of EFID, our school …. Even high-level sports entities, such as MOVISTAR INTER F.S.
  • Usability: This is one of the most important points, and Criptoro, from the very beginning, works to make our token one of the most useful and usable in the market. Our token, from its issuance, can be used to pay in the entire range of services and products of Criptoro, with discounts on all its products and services of up to 10% of its total value.
  • From the release of CTRO, it will be available in the most important exchanges all over the world. In fact, we have already contacted many of them and they have transmitted great interest in this project. In addition, in the near future, Criptoro will develop its own Exchange.

(CTRO), It is a cryptocurrency with which you can pay for Criptoro products and services at a high discount and other companies. Besides, to provide the Criptoro project with strengthness, a part of the funds raised in the ICO (remaining funds) will be supported and backed by physical precious metals (gold, silver, palladium and platinum) and by Bitcoin, since, from the funds raised in the ICO, 20% will be invested in said Physical precious metals (palpable) and 5% in cold-guarded bitcoin. In addition, having the best specialists in the field, the total money invested in precious metals, shall not be invested equally instead, we will optimize in each moment and time period the percentage invested in each one of them, to get the maximum return on our capital. Such investment in Bitcoin and precious metals is foreign to the underlying right of CTRO, meaning, it is an investment that the company carries out to prop up the entire Criptoro project, with tangible goods.

Physical precious metals will be purchased through our collaboration with Auvesta, having, in addition, all the advantages of safety and quality controls that we have previously defined in the ´Gold and Silver’ service. They will be stored in armoured safes, guarded by Brinks, Loomis and Prosegur, the largest security companies worldwide, and will always be audited by external auditors.

Regarding the 5% invested in Bitcoin, it will be guarded cold in a wallet. It will be in a Spanish company, which complies with the Spanish and European regulations, with which we have already reached an agreement, thus providing great security for the investor. This company acts as an audited digital cold storage bank for crypto assets. We are also working to incorporate other cold custody companies from all over the world for better risk diversification.

The realistic scenario of the shortage of Bitcoin in the coming years, due to halving (division in half of its reward per mining block) that will take place on a regular basis every 4 years, together with the deflation of digital money and The confidence that our experts team has in crypto assets, especially in the first of them that has paved the way for the rest, will make the Criptoro project and the CTRO even more attractive.

Besides, to everything discussed above, let’s not forget the most important part of any investment, risk management. We will have this part fully covered, thanks to the great diversification made.

If you missed the opportunity to enter the early stages of Bitcoin, will you also allow this opportunity to go away? You are, right now, visualizing the right project, in our opinion at the right time and this may be YOUR OPPORTUNITY, and we have shown it to you with solid arguments. This is not a direct purchase recommendation but a mere informative document regarding the Token Criptoro Coin (CTRO). The purchase of the same will be a personal or business decision and therefore any volatile movement of the CTRO will not be the direct or indirect responsibility of the company. The CTRO, as a token, was born to serve Criptoro as a company. That is the mentality for its creation, offering, in addition, coverage against legal tender money (Fiduciary), when using raw material, as a palpable part that supports it.


Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a form of financing and the basis on which the Criptoro Coin (CTRO) token is based at the time of issuance.

Our token will be configured with ERC-20 – Ethereum structure, which is the most widespread protocol in the Blockchain ecosystem, with an optimizing development, it will have ‘utility’ category since it is not a financial instrument.

The total amount (total supply) of Criptoro Coin tokens will be 500,000,000, of which 50,000,000 will remain in the company’s cold storage and will be destroyed or burned in several phases, in order to increase their scarcity.

These burned actions will be audited and certified to provide the process with greater technical and legal security.


The distribution of the Criptoro Coin tokens (CTRO) has been designed based on a strictly business approach, with the objective of making the company grow exponentially, using both its own resources and the economic injection from the sale of the crypto-asset.

After the initial issuance of 500 million tokens, 150 million tokens were burned in successive phases. Therefore, the remaining 350 million Criptoro Coin (CTRO) tokens are distributed as follows:

  • 75% Token sale (262,500,000 CTRO).
  • 7% Criptoro Contributors (24,500,000 CTRO)
  • 5% Airdrop (17,500,000 CTRO)
  • 5% Criptoro team (17,500,000 CTRO)
  • 4% Administrative Expenses (14,000,000 CTRO)
  • 4% Bounty Program/Sponsorship (14,000,000 CTRO)

Unsold Criptoro Coin tokens (CTRO), out of the 262,500,000 offered for sale, as listed above, will be burned upon completion of all distribution and sales phases that Criptoro decides to implement.


Private sale
From 07/15/2020 there will be a private and institutional sale of the token and it will end in a few weeks.

Public Sale
Public sale calendar:
10/01/2020 – 0.50 euros / token
10/16/2020 – 0.51 euros / token
11/01/2020 – 0.53 euros / token
11/16/2020 – 0.54 euros / token
12/01/2020 – 0.55 euros / token
12/16/2020 – 0.57 euros / token
01/01/2021 – 0.59 euros / token
10/01/2021 – 0.60 euros / token
12/04/2021 – 0.60 euros / token



Criptoro will allocate 100% of the money raised in the ICO of the Criptoro Coin,
as follows:

  • 40% Continue with business growth
  • 20% Marketing
  • 20% Physical precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium)
  • 10% Company shareholders
  • 5% Bitcoin (stored in cold wallets in third party companies)
  • 3% Advisors / Sponsors
  • 2% Others



The Criptoro partners have a “lock up” of the token, relying on business development, as follows:

  • 25% It can be sold from month 3 after the start of its availability to be purchased.
  • 25% It can be sold from month 6 after the start of its availability to be purchased.
  • 25% It can be sold from month 9 after the start of its availability to be purchased.
    25% It can be sold from month 12 after the start of its availability to be purchased.


  • Geographic area of ​​activity and country of registration: The activity and distribution of the token will be carried out worldwide, that is, on all existing continents. However, both the company Criptoro and its token Criptoro Coin (CTRO) are registered in Spain and are subject to Spanish and European legislation and taxation.
  • Contract and investment security: Token exchange management will be carried out through private contracts.
  • Legal identification of the client: Once a potential client wants to acquire our token, it is essential to ensure that it meets the legal requirements (KYC and AML, which means “know your client” and “anti-money laundering”). The compliance team is responsible for ensuring the safety and legality of the processes. It will therefore be necessary to have a valid identification document such as a national identity document or passport and a proof of tax residence with an expedition date not exceeding 3 months such as a bill for electricity, water, landline, etc. Also, we reserve the right to ask for any additional document that the legal department considers necessary in order to prevent anti-money laundering and terrorism encouragement (bank statements, tax return, the memorandum of the company and so on).
  • Legal terms: It are subject to Spanish and European regulations. Likewise, depending of the increase in the presence of the token in other countries, it will be subject to official regulations in the rest of the countries where the activity is carried out, as long as the sale of digital assets in that country is allowed.



The main objective of Criptoro is to be a solid and consistent company. Understanding the ambitious of the project, we have taken into account and planned in our viability plan both the worst possible scenarios, and the best of them, so that, in any of both cases, Criptoro succeeds and becomes a great Fintech company and technological multi-services and multi-products with financial training and digital innovation school, with an online Marketplace.

  • Strengthening and balance of all initial services and products of Criptoro.
  • Continue with the strengthening of the company’s team and expand it in an organic and sustained way, hiring people who provide added value to the company.
  • Development and start-up of the Criptoro career plan.
  • Development of CTRO token and Criptoro’s own wallet, and integration of all the products of our community.
  • Increase the educational offer of our schools, especially the Blockchain, digital marketing and new technologies sections of our Business and Innovation Institute.
  • Continue with the strengthening and business growth in all areas of the company.
  • Arbitration: Criptoro, as a reference in the world of finance and new technologies, will develop its own cryptocurrency arbitration system, always complying with the law to offer this service in the future.
  • In economics and finance, arbitration is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets: performing a combination of complementary transactions that capitalize on the price imbalance. Profit is achieved due to the difference in market prices.
  • Through arbitration, market participants can achieve a risk-free instant utility. Through a third-party company, Criptoro will offer manual arbitration between different third-party and liquid exchanges.
  • Exchange: Criptoro will develop, either directly or through a subsidiary, and legally, its own Cryptocurrency Exchange. In addition, Criptoro will be present in the most important exchanges globally once their Criptoro Coin (CTRO) tokens are available. In fact, we have already had a first contact with one of the most important, to present our project, and there are really interested in our token.
  • Criptoro is already negotiating with large companies, which have quality products and services, so that after the release of CTRO, it is accepted as a direct payment method, in certain companies of our choice.

Some of the projects that Criptoro already has planned to undertake in the long term are the following:

  • CREATION OF THE “CRIPTORO UNIVERSE” CHILDREN’S SERIES: the series will focus on children and how to help children understand the evolution and financial transformation that is coming in the near future. The world of cryptocurrencies and the transition that is to come between legal tender money (Fiat) and digital money already present among us will be explained in a didactic and fully educational way. Criptoro will be the main character, and will teach what cryptocurrencies are, why they were born, their present and future uses, for a correct vision of them.
  • IPO: The objective is to go public in the long term like the most important technology companies in Europe. In our team we already have people who have experience in this IPO process as an international company, and we want to be a listed company in the future. There are solid arguments for it.
  • IOS / ANDROID APP GAMES: Criptoro plans to make educational games for IOS and Android related to training and the world of finance, so that all citizens of the planet learn, at least, the concepts and basic financial knowledge, and so have better financial health.
  • HASHGRAPH TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH: in Criptoro we believe that Hashgraph has a great future and potential, so, as a technology company, we want to be at the forefront, and become experts in it, being able to take profit from all its advantages and potential in future projects.
  • DIGITAL NEWSPAPER: our current blog, called Criptoro Digital Blog, is the embryo of our future digital newspaper, where we will issue relevant and interesting information about the Criptoro universe, and about important areas such as new technologies, cryptocurrencies, financial markets or precious metals.
  • CRIPTORO UNIVERSITY: in the future, our training school on finance, innovation and new technologies (EFID) will become a university, which in addition to the virtual learning platform, will have physical office and face-to-face training, with many official post degrees. Our goal is to be a reference in innovation.
  • CRIPTORO INVESTMENT FUND: in the future we will have our own investment funds focused on innovation, and all citizens of the planet will be able to invest with us and take advantage of the financial knowledge of our expert team. It is our desire to offer different services or products and we will make it happen.
  • CRIPTORO FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN: reinforcing our corporate social responsibility, we will create our own foundation for the benefit of children, with focus on children in Spain and Spanish-speaker countries in South America. For us, children are the future, and we will have two objectives:
    • Provide food so that not a single child is left without a meal.
    • Training for children in personal development and imparting financial health and savings.

MARCH 2018

  • Initial Idea.
  • Study of niches and super niches of the world market and successful companies and business failure around the world.


  • Concretion and development of the business idea.

MARCH 2019

  • Development of the business model.

MAY 2019

  • Development of the company’s viability plan.


  • Search for necessary professional profiles.


  • Constitution of the company.
  • Incorporation of collaborators and creation of work teams.


  • Beta development: Virtual learning environment of Criptoro’s school.
  • Collaboration agreement through affiliation with large companies: Ebay, study.
  • for future collaborations with Amazon, Aliexpress, etc.
  • Broker agreement: XM.
  • Agreement as Auvesta’s partner for the purchase and sale of physical precious metals.


  • Beta Development: Criptoro main corporate website. (E-Commerce and Blog).
  • Entry of the first investors.
  • Hiring of first employees.
  • Agreement with Blockchain App Factory company, ICO and wallet experts.
  • Coinbase Commerce, Stripe, Bitpay (Payment methods).
  • Collaboration agreement Cysae-Abogados.


  • Beta Development: Criptoro Main Corporate Website (Products and Services:
  • 1st Phase).
  • Beta Development: Initial Marketing Plan.
  • Agreements with brokers: Avatrade, IG Markets.
  • Official presentation of the company in Madrid.
  • Alpha Development: Website criptoro.com.

MARCH 2020

  • Alpha Development: Criptoro Corporate Website (criptoro.com/school).
  • Agreement with GKFX broker.
  • Beta Development: Criptoro Coin Token (CTRO) and Criptoro Wallet.
  • Beta Development: Criptoro Digital Library.
  • Beta Development: Criptoro Aeronautics.
  • Beta Development: Criptoro Augmented Virtual Reality.
  • Beta Development: Lite and Genesis Subscriptions.

APRIL 2020

  • Alpha Development: Criptoro Digital Library.
  • Alpha Development: Lite and Genesis Subscriptions.
  • Alpha Development: Initial Marketing Plan.
  • Alpha Development: Collaboration with marketing agency Portal14.
  • Beta Development: Criptoro Career Plan Platform.
  • Beta Development: Criptoro Multiexchange.

MAY 2020

  • Alpha Development: Multiexchange 1.0
  • Consolidation and increase of Criptoro’s product and service offering.
  • Stabilization of staff and business growth.
  • Start of negotiations with MOVISTAR INTER for DAPP Criptoro Sport.

JUNE 2020

  • Alpha Development: Criptoro Career Plan.

JULY 2020

  • Home private sale CRIPTORO COIN, CTRO.
  • Agreement with MOVISTAR INTER FS for DAPP Criptoro Sport.
  • Review and improvement of marketing plan.


  • Completion of private sale CRIPTORO COIN, CTRO.


  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Criptoro Coin (CTRO).
  • Alpha Development: Criptoro Wallet (ERC-20 crypto wallet as CTRO).
  • Alpha Development: Criptoro Coin Airdrop (CTRO).
  • Alpha Development: First Criptoro Bitcapp services (Bitcoin environment).
  • Staff expansion and business growth.


  • Launch of Criptoro Wallet for Android and iOS app.
  • Enhance the Cryptoro Career / Membership Plan.


  • Alpha Development: New Criptoro Bitcapp services (bitcoin environment).
  • Development Alpha: M E Universe.
  • Opening of Exchange in Uniswap. (CTRO-USDT).

MARCH 2021

  • Alpha Development: New web design.
  • Alpha Development: swap.criptoro.com.
  • Alpha Development: Swap in operational Uniswap.
  • Start of IEO Criptoro Coin (CTRO) at Emirex Exchange.

APRIL 2021

  • Entry in main Exchanges in eligible legal system.
  • End of the initial public offering (ICO) of Criptoro Coin (CTRO).
  • End of Criptoro Coin (CTRO) IEO on Emirex Exchange.
  • CTRO token listing on Emirex Exchange.
  • DEX Emiswap exchange opening for CTRO.
  • Alpha Development: Cold wallet custody of CTRO token.
  • Start of IEO Criptoro Coin (CTRO) at BigOne Exchange.


MAY 2021

  • Alpha Development: Wallet DEX.
  • Alpha Development: Criptoro Livepaper.
  • End of IEO Criptoro Coin (CTRO) at BigOne Exchange.
  • CTRO token listing on BigOne Exchange.

JUNE 2021

  • Beta Development: Criptoro Ticketing.

JULY 2021

  • Beta Development: Cryptocurrency Exchange (Beta) in eligible legal system.
  • Beta development: Start of virtual reality project on blockchain.
  • Beta development: Criptoro Aeronáutica.


  • Beta Development: DAPPs, Algorand and Criptoro Hashgraph.


  • Alpha Development; Criptoro’s own Exchange.


  • Alpha Development: Blockchain Criptoro.

The Criptoro project aims to set up a multi-service and multi-product platform focused on the technology, training, precious metals, raw materials and, in general, investments sectors; the corporate purpose of CRIPTORO PLATFORM S.L. It is precisely this.

The issuance of Criptoro tokens made with the opening and commercialization of this platform is, therefore, an activity whose mission is to support the full development of the Criptoro project.

Specifically, the mission of the releasing is to finance such full development in the terms explained previously.

Thus, when this document talks about the Criptoro project, it is mainly about the platform, leaving the release of the tokens in the background. From Criptoro we want to emphasize this aspect; Our desire is that Criptoro could be related to a great innovative product – the Criptoro Platform – and not to the ICO or similar.


The Criptoro team, based on its experience and on the statistical data of other projects financed through ICO- Initial Crypto-asset Offering- decided that the release of the CTRO token, in order to finance part of the project, should occur in the moment that the services or products were available, because only then would the token acquire the character of “utility”: cryptographic representation of a right of use; specifically, the token will be used to buy products or services on the platform with a notable discount.

In Criptoro we have been meticulous when it comes to legally configuring the CTRO token. In the Blockchain ecosystem and, specifically, in the ICO´s ecosystem, a certain terminology is handled that does not always fit with existing legal concepts. In addition, depending on the jurisdiction from which the tokens are to be released, one regulation or another will apply. Therefore, it is essential to legally define what will be released, what rights it allows and how the release will be made.

  • The CTRO is not a financial instrument. The CTRO is, as is known in the Blockchain ecosystem, a “utility token”.
  • The CTRO is a utility token. Each CTRO represents an aliquot unit of the total of five hundred million (500,000,000) of CTRO (of which 50,000 will be burned). The inherent value of the CTRO is a series of rights attributed to each unit of CTRO.
  • These rights are as following:
  • The purchase of products or services through the Criptoro platform with a series of notable discounts (in general, up to 10 percent).
  • The CTRO will be represented in the form of annotation in a blockchain register, also known as Distributed Ledger Technology or Blockchain. The Blockchain on which the CTROs will be represented is Ethereum and the CTRO token category is known as ERC-20.
  • During the ICO period the CTRO is released on a nominative basis. For this, users who wish to acquire them during the release period (ICO Term or ICO Period), must register on the web portal www.criptoro.com (hereinafter, the “Web Portal”). This requirement is indispensable. The reason for carrying it out is, on the one hand, the fulfilment of legal obligations in the matter of anti-money laundering and taxation and, on the other hand, hinder the transmissibility of the CTRO. When registering, users must provide not only identifying and contact information, but also the address of their wallet or wallet, where the CTROs will be “stored” (legal fiction). That is, on the Blockchain, the released CTROs will be identified to a specific wallet attributed to a specific user, and it will be Criptoro who knows the identity of the user behind the wallet.
  • The keeping of account entries is not centralized, but quite the opposite, when operating on a Blockchain. Furthermore, although the token is legally released to a specific user, due to the technical characteristics of this technology, it is possible that the token is transmitted.
  • In case of transmission of the CTRO by a user from one wallet to another, to exercise the inherent rights to the CTROs, the new holders must also register in the corresponding Web Portal enabled by Criptoro in order to use the Platform.
  • Users who acquired CTRO during the ICO Period, may exercise their right of withdrawal within 14 days from the date of purchase of the tokens, whenever they have not executed the tokens to buy on the Criptoro platform.
  • To exercise this right, the user must send an email to info@criptoro.com indicating his name, surname and bank account number or address of his wallet and indicate that he exercises his right of withdrawal.
  • The amounts to be returned will be regulated by the following rules:
    • EUROS: the same amount of euros will be returned as the one delivered by the user to the Criptoro bank account.
    • BTC: the amount equivalent to the BTC that were delivered at the time of the purchase of CTRO will be returned.
    • ETH: the amount equivalent to the ETHs that were delivered at the time of the purchase of CTRO will be returned.

 The right of partial withdrawal will not be allowed, unless expressly authorized by Criptoro, prior notification of such circumstance by the user.


CRIPTORO does not guarantee or is responsible for:

  • The continuity of the contents, services and/or functionalities of the Web Portal;
  • The existence of errors in said contents;
  • The existence of viruses or other harmful components in the Web Portal or on the server that supplies it;
  • The vulnerability of the Web Portal or the possibility of violating the security measures adopted for it;
  • The lack of utility or performance of the contents of the Web Portal, and;
  • Damages caused, to himself or to a third party, any person who violated the conditions, rules and instructions that CRIPTORO establishes, or through the breach of security systems.

However, CRIPTORO declares that it has taken all the necessary measures, within its technical possibilities to guarantee the functioning of the Web Portal and minimize system errors, from technical point of view and the content published on the Web Portal.

CRIPTORO does not guarantee the legality, reliability, or usefulness of the content provided by third parties through the Web Portal. If the User is aware of the existence of any illegal or illicit content, or that could be an infringement of third-party rights, he must immediately notify CRIPTORO so that he can proceed to adopt the appropriate measures.

CRIPTORO will not be responsible for the veracity, integrity or updating of the information published in the Web Portal from sources outside it, nor of those contained in other platforms to which it is linked from the Web Portal. CRIPTORO will not assume responsibility for hypothetical damages that could be caused by the use of the aforementioned information.

CRIPTORO will not respond for reasons beyond its control, among which they can be listed in a non-limiting manner: mayor force, internet access problems, technological problems beyond the diligent and reasonable management of CRIPTORO, actions or omissions of third parties, etc. In all the aforementioned cases, outside the control and due diligence of CRIPTORO, there will be no compensation from CRIPTORO to the User for damages or losses, to the extent permitted by current legislation.

The information contained in this document may not be complete in relation to future products and services offered by Criptoro and may be subject to changes in organization, production, distribution or creation.

This WhitePaper does not constitute any recommendation, partial or total, commercial, investment, legal, financial, tax or any other kind. The Criptoro token (CTRO) must therefore be acquired at the user’s own risk and decision.

Before acquiring CTRO, the user should carefully review this document, consulting with his tax consultant, financial advisor, and other professional who can help him understand the potential benefit of its acquisition, possible risks and consequences for the acquisition of the CTRO.

Nothing in this WhitePaper is constitutive of a partial or total CTRO acquisition recommendation, this being a merely informative instrument. You should consider the risk/benefit that could occur, losses in case of unforeseen circumstances or external factors not written on the WhitePaper.


Our token release does not require authorization by the Spanish regulator (CNMV). Despite this, in order to convert Criptoro into a more transparent project and provide it with greater legal certainty, Criptoro and the legal advisory team have decided to present the project to the mentioned regulator to confirm that the CTRO is not a financial instrument.

This project does not need the authorization of the CNMV. In fact, the authorizations of the CNMV to make public offers of negotiable securities in Spain are only granted to entities that issue precisely that: negotiable securities.

On the other hand, it is important to note that a simple offer of securities does not require authorization. The Securities Market Law itself says it in its article 33.1: “Issues of securities will not require prior administrative authorization (…). Yes, they will require public offers of securities, in general. But even in the latter, there are also exceptions, which are found in article 35.2 LMV.

Anyway, that authorization, in the case of the release of Criptoro, cannot exist because the CTRO is not a financial instrument and is therefore outside the scope of supervision of the CNMV. The CTRO is a digital asset with whom you have the possibility of accessing the services offered by Criptoro with notable discounts, between 10% and 20%. The CTRO, therefore, also fulfils the function of a payment method. In the nearest future, as it is out of the regulatory framework of the Securities Market Law, will be governed by the general rules of civil and commercial law.

In conclusion, we do not need authorization because our issuance is outside the scope of supervision of the CNMV.


In accordance with the provisions of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data
(General Data Protection Regulation) and Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, all personal data provided by the user during the purchase of CTROs will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Criptoro Privacy Policy that the latter must expressly and previously accept.


Criptoro makes available to the user several channels of direct contact with his team in order to provide support and help, as well as to receive any comments or concerns, both during the previous purchase procedures of the CTRO and afterwards.

The User can find these direct contact channels in the Web Portal, in addition to the possibility of sending an email to the address info@criptoro.com.