We have a team of psychologists experienced in providing solutions at the psychological level. All the psychologists of the team have belonged to the business field. We characterize ourselves because we combine the personal and professional part, this fact makes the approach between the two areas, personal and professional, more appropriate and relevant in relation to the solution and the professional situation. Our service is carried out by video conference, for greater ease and flexibility of time.

What is online therapy?

This is a series of sessions with an expert in clinical cognitive behavioral psychology, via video call or virtual meeting. It is recommended that during the session, we be in a quiet and private place so that the effectiveness of the session is better or more productive, so it is recommended that there be no interruptions. In this way, we achieve that the virtual experience is very similar to the face-to-face session.

What do I need to access these sessions?

It can be done with the phone, computer or tablet and with an Internet connection. It is preferable that the connection has a webcam and microphone due to the closeness that is generated between the health professional or psychotherapist and the client or patient.

What does the treatment consist of?

It is about helping the client understand what is happening to him and how he can overcome that situation. The sessions vary in number depending on what happens to the client / patient. People who come to our consultations usually manifest individual, family, couple, group problems. Linked to aspects of the emotional type, fears, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, addictions and a long etcetera.

During the sessions, it is important to adapt to the client / patient based on:

  • Age (child, adolescent, adult, elderly)
  • Gender (both due to its size and sexuality)
  • Context (Where you experience the problem situation)
  • Problem (What is the personal situation you are going through)
  • Personality (introversion, extraversion)
  • Social learning (Values ​​and beliefs you have)
  • Lifestyle (healthy, substance use …)


Cognitive behavioral therapy offers very good results, and studies support success in this regard. This type of therapy makes the client / patient resolve the situations that cause the discomfort quickly and safely. Generating learning and better adaptation to novel situations, learning different ways of thinking and adaptive behavior patterns.


We will be happy to contact you and offer you the consulting service that best suits your needs.

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