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The Secret of Wealth

One of the greatest desires of every human being is the desire for progress and improvement, and thus, from a very young age, our parents have inculcate us the value of money, although also, with a certain prevention and a subtly rejection, to understand it as a source of all great evils. But money is […]

The enemies of our money I.

We’re experiencing one of the biggest stock-exchange turbulence in the last 20 years. Just take a look at the economic press on any given day, both last week and the present, to graphically see the magnitude of the price action due to the fear of the unknown. On the 6th of March, three of the […]

Telework and the empty Spain

We are all sent to work at home, well not everyone, of course there are professions in which ones to work remotely is not an option and is no essential to explain that is not possible to patrol the streets remotely or to do a surgery via Skype neither. But omiting those ocupations that requeries […]

How to choose my broker

We find ourselves in a world in which many people want to play Leonardo Di Caprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, in other words, to work on the stock market; but what we do not know is that before starting to work on the stock market, we must find an online broker, with whom […]

Inversión con robot automático ¿Si es rentable?

Quizás seas una persona que siempre has invertido de manera manual y te estás planteando aprender a invertir, también a la baja, en tendencia bajista porque las bajadas del mercado de los últimos días, te han restado ganancias en tus inversiones en acciones u otro tipo de productos. Hacerlo tu mismo, invertir a la baja […]