Telework and the empty Spain

We are all sent to work at home, well not everyone, of course there are professions in which ones to work remotely is not an option and is no essential to explain that is not possible to patrol the streets remotely or to do a surgery via Skype neither.

But omiting those ocupations that requeries a contact with the client, exists many others in which ones the telework is going to implement as an occupational option every time more extended. Let me explain:

This is not a new thing, exist many companies that, for several years, many years, have their employees making their duties outside the office and with a successful results regarding productivity and performance as the Stanford University mentioned in 2012.

Lets imagine the typical office tower of a medium or big company in any city, in this office are working let say 500 people, all of them with a working space that they call “this is my desk” in which one there is a pc and telephone with the basic equipment,

Every day , in order to access to the means of production (oc and telephone) that the company provides them, the 500 employees are moving from various parts, and by statistics accident happen, (is raining and I am overtime, I had a car crash, my boy is sick and pick up him to the doctor, etc). This accidents make impossible in many cases to arrive at the working place and cause work absenteeis which is not convenient for the companies.

Working remotely, does not exempt to have a schedule, but the schedule can be more flexible, and this flexibility produces maximum performance to the different vital rhythms os the individuals, making that each one where possible, leverage the kigh cretivity and performance in his high mental and fisical hours. It is generally in a company’s interest, therefore, is important the each employee can develop his/her height potential every day.

Consequentialy we have, less absenteeism and more productivity. The only thing we need to open our eyes was the important event that we are living at the moment, to implement this working modality by general character. The results will be show, and if they are positive, this company that we select for the example, will analyse the situation and inmediatly wonders if my workers are more productive at home; Why do we need an office tower?, in other words, the teleworking is cheaper.

Is unavoidable thus that many of you that are now checking a new working experience, what once everything return to the “normal live” you will be recommended to work at home.

If this main assumptions happen, the now new teleworkers, will gradually adapt this new situation, and in the not too distance future many of them will ask themselves: If I work remotely and go to the office, 1 or 2 times per week, Do I need to work in a big city?

Big cities has many good things, there is no doubt about it, but sometimes are very stressful and also expensive. Less than one hour away by car you can find another world, nature, quality foods, confortable enviroment, less pollution, by all means PEACE… Less services, true, but the neccesary for the new life, INTERNET.

Internet for working, internet for shipping, internet to establishing relationships, for education, entertaining, internet for bureaucratic procedures, internet for our finance. Internet as a basic tool for our lifes.

This proccess may take years, I am sure about it. But thanks to teleworking I think that we will be attending to the empty Spain reborn, which was very demanded in the past.

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Efrén Arroyo Franco

Criptoro Digital Blog